Al Tawkilat Premium

About Altawkilat


Altawkilat is one of the largest automotive companies with a heritage of over 70 years in serving customers in Saudi Arabia. Altawkilat is part of Tawad Holding, which has business interest in automotive retailing, car rental and leasing, consumer finance, real estate, power generation, heavy-duty construction equipment, and auto ancillaries. Altawkilat Premium, established in 2018, is a division of Altawkilat (Universal Motors Agencies) focused on the premium and luxury brands represented by Altawkilat. To complement its luxury presence, Altawkilat acquired the INFINITI franchise in 2019 as the sole distributor in KSA.




To consistently be the customer’s preferred choice among the automotive retailer networks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This will be achieved by providing superior products and services to customers through the continuous pursuit of operational excellence and close partnership with our suppliers.